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Where we are and where we want to be!

  • Levels 1-6 – Are only enrolled in Tarbiyyah curriculum.
  • Levels 7-8 – Band D will will be rolled out in Academic Year (AY) 2020-2021
  • Levels 9-10 – Band E will will be rolled out in Academic Year (AY) 2021-2022
  • Levels 11-12 – Band F will will be rolled out in Academic Year (AY) 2022-2023

Currently, Siraat curriculum is being taught from levels 7 through to Level 12.


Students are taught Quran from Level 1 through to Level 12 at our study Center.
For the younger levels special emphasis is given to the introduction to alphabets and the proper pronunciations. Small excerpts and suras are recited so that the students recite the Holy book with Tarteel.

In the mid levels of the study center, students focus on Tajweed rules & wuquf rules so that they can perfect their recitation of the Holy Quran. Students are encouraged to recite the Holy Book in proper Tarteel by continuous practice and memorization. Daily Ta’qibaat,important Ziarats and Quranic Arabic are also introduced at these levels.

By the time students get to higher levels, teaching focus changes from recitation to comprehension of the Holy Quran whereby students engage in Tafseer and reflect on different teachings of the Holy Quran.


Students are trained to recite salaat in their classroom from Levels 1-3. Levels 4,5 & 6 pray Salaat with supervising teachers who correct their mistakes as they perfect their salaat. Students in Levels 7 and above join the Dhuhrain Salaat in Jama’ah setting whereby they learn the rules of Salatul Jama’ah. Wudhu assessments are also done from Levels 4 onwards to ensure that students conduct perform proper wudhu as this is the foundation of a successful Salaat.